Every year, SCAC has designated the 2nd week of June to be Pastors’ Appreciation Sunday. And here at Faith Methodist Church, we would like to appreciate all our pastors Rev. Lenita, Rev. Wong Poh Fong, Rev. Gabriel Ling, Rev. Ting Hua Seng & Pastor Finsen for always being there to shepherd all of us sheep here. May God continue to bless all you as we continue to serve the Lord together.

Pastor Appreciation Dinner

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Pastor Appreciation Video from family, friends & leaders

Appreciation gifts and prayer from the church to pastors

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FMC Pastors Thanking Congregation

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  1. Dearest Pastor Lenita
    Thank you for having partnership with me in TTC(Singapore) many many years ago..Thank you for able to reconnect with you through online services during cov19 measure to be able to hear your looking forward to see u physical Face to face in Singapore.😁Love u.christina fm Singapore.

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