Worship is our response toward God’s amazing love and grace to us. We express our gratitude and thanks to God. We bow in worship and lift our voices in praise. We present our lives as living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to Him.

Serving Ministries:

Worship Leader/Liturgists, Communion Stewards, Communion Assistants, Usher. This is a dignify servant role to help worshipers to experience a vibrant and intimate atmosphere with God in the house of worship.

Music Ministry:

Choir Ministry and Singspiration Team. Serve God with praise offering with songs to touch God and men.

You can join in as singers in choir or the singspiration team as singers or musicians. There will be weekly practice for choir and singspiration team to lead the Sunday worship. Aspiring musicians will be trained to accompany the singers.


Sound Crew, Visual-Media, Information Technology.

The sound crew is to develop soft skill to listen and adjust the public address sound system effectively for the audience.
And to communicate effectively with singspiration team, choir and liturgist in the quality output of sound for the congregation.

Traffic and security:

We would like to recruit people to serve. To devise a system for smooth parking and communicate to worshippers for order and safety of vehicle parking during the worship services.

Contact Person:
English Speaking Congregation: Sew Boon Lui
Mandarin Speaking Congregations: John Ling