As we come to end of MCO,
You, who joined us through TV or phone,
There’s something we want you to know,
We’re always here, and You’re never alone.

We like to thank you for joining us faithfully for the past 3 weeks. This coming Sunday will be the last talk for #MCO = Men Can Overcome. The topic we will be discussing is “I Am Not Alone”.

This Sunday we’re Ps. Matthew will join us once more to encourage us along with Bro. Keith Chin from Miri. Not only that, Bro. Jason Wong will finally join us #Live as well. So be sure to book your date and join us this Sunday.

MCO = Men Can Overcome Talk 4 : I Am Not Alone
Date : 7th June 2020 (Sunday)
Time : 8 PM – 9 PM (GMT +8)

Speakers :-
* Ps. Matthew Ling (Kuching)
* Jason Wong (Singapore)
* Keith Chin (Miri)

If you have any questions feel free to send them via WhatsApp : +6011-6278-0328 Email : and our speakers will answer them for you during our Question and Answer Session. Rest assure your identity will be protected. Once we copied the questions, we will delete your message and no other information will be stored.

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