We have reached the last part of this mini-series. This is the conclusion. The word God spoke to the Israelites through the prophet […]
Last week, we look at the elements of building a godly family. The exiles were to flourish and to build their homes and […]
In the first part of this series, we learn that God had called the Israelites to build their homes in a place where […]
We are the citizens of Malaysia. We also have to remember to whom do we belong. We have to remember our true, eternal […]
In the context of this passage, the Israelites were exiles and refugees. Jerusalem had fallen to the Babylonians in 587 BCE. Because the […]
On 13-15 June 2016, under the leadership of the Methodist Bishop, the Methodist Church in Malaysia gathered at the first Methodist School of […]
Yesterday was the first day of going back to the office after 83 days of lockdown. I was reminded of the verse taken […]
The children Sunday School song goes like this: “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red, brown, yellow, black […]
I was in the garden this morning when my father showed me a plant. It was a beautiful plant with red fruits. He […]
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