Elijah II

CG Description

Currently, we have about 15 adults age range from mid 30’s to late 60’s. Main focus is to strengthen personal relationship with God with living testimonies, accountability, caring, visitation and prayer.

How to join?

All are welcome. Contact Person: Moh Ung Tai (Leader 013-8112555), James Lau (Asst Leader 013-8113618 ).


Every Friday night at 8 pm, rotating between members’ houses near Hui Sing, BDC and Jalan Khun Ping area.


Bible Study on “Unveiled’ & Major Bible Theme. Caring & Visitation, Sharing gospel and prayer, Men’s & Ladies’ night, CG’s family outings & retreat, attend spiritual talk/seminar organised by churches, other ministries in the church.

Elijah II