“How can I get through this during this time of MCO?”
“I’m tired, can we talk about this another time?”
“What am I doing? Am I doing this right?”

Sounds familiar? Need a break or a short breather? Dear brothers, we heard you and we’re now finally ready to start our very own MCO Session. Men Can Overcome! This week talk topic is “As God Intended”. There may be time in our lives we may wonder, what’s our role in our own lives, our family or even society. So block your time and date, as we only require 1 hour of your time to hear what our speakers has to say. You won’t regret it!

MCO = Men Can Overcome!
Talk : #1 As God Intended
Date : 17th May 2020 (Sunday)
Time : 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM (GMT +8)

Host :-
* Rev. Peter Yong

Speakers :-
* Rev Dr. Khoo Ho Peng (Sibu)
* Jason Wong (Singapore)
* Wee Hii Khoon (Kuching)
If you have any questions feel free to send them via
WhatsApp : +6011-6278-0328
Email : qna@fmc.org.my
and our speakers will answer them for you during our Question and Answer Session.Rest assure your identity will be protected. Once we copied the questions, we will delete your message and no other information will be stored.

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