2020 Tracty Video Contest

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The 2020 Tracty Video Award Terms & Conditions

Gospel Tract Video competition

Terms and conditions for the Video Challenge 

  1. This video contest is organised by the English District (EDC) of the Methodist Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference (SCAC) of Sarawak.
  2. The competition is open to all Christians of the Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference (SCAC) English speaking churches.
  3. The target of the video should be non-Christians.
  4. Each video should serve that purpose of telling people about, and drawing people to Jesus Christ.
  5. Each video must contain Christian message(s) & quotations from the Holy Bible.
  6. Entries contain inappropriate content or objectionable material should not be submitted and the Organiser reserves the right to demand the participant to remove such entry at any time in the Organiser’s sole discretion.
  7. The length of the video should be a minimum of 55-second, and a maximum of 3-minute and can be filmed and edited on any device capable of recording high-quality video resolutions and can include animations and musical numbers.
  8. Entries must be in the English language. Entries must be internet compatible and can be uploaded onto social media like Facebook or YouTube.
  9. Entries will be judged based on (A) Creativity & Originality (30%); (B) Message (40%); (C) Technicality (20%); and Popularity (10%). Judges’ decision is final, conclusive and binding. No further appeal, enquiry and/or correspondence will be entertained.
  10. We will email you the link to your video’s URL on Facebook and YouTube. You have to ask your friends to ‘LIKE’ and vote for your video, which will be posted on the page.
  11. The grand prize is RM150.00. The second prize is RM100.00, and the third prize is RM50.00.
  12. The competition will be run from Wednesday, 20th October 2020 to Monday, 29th November 2020. Public voting via the organiser’s Facebook page will be from 30th November 2020 to 5th December 2020.
  13. Please send your finalised product URL together with the Entry Form to the organiser’s email: raymanw@gmail.com with the title “EDC 2020 Tracty Video Competition”. If you do not receive an acknowledgement of receipt within 24 hours, please notify the organiser via WhatsApp message.
  14. By entering the competition, you agree to bear all costs incurred in any activities relating to your participation in this competition.
  15. It is assumed that materials used in the video are not copyrighted or have being given permission to be used.
  16. Contest entries and material submitted become the properties of SCAC & cannot be posted on social media or distributed, pre or post contest, without explicit permission from the organiser.
  17. The winners of the competition will be made known on the organiser’s Facebook page on 12th December 2020. Winners will also be notified by e-mail.
  18. Contestants’ personal data submitted will not be shared without prior consent from the respective contestant.