Getting Old……. Growing up to be……….

Getting Old……. Growing up to be……….

Rev. Kelly Lee

Getting Old……. Growing up to be……….



What do you think of each time you celebrate your birthday?

Getting old. Are we becoming more mature spiritually?


AWe should grow up in REMEMBERing God’s works.

1)Background of Judges.



c)The new generation after Joshua

the LORD

what He had done for Israel


Judges is the record of this ongoing struggle of Israelites


2)The Israelites had done evil things.

a)They forgot about Yahweh.

b)They served the Baals and the Asherahs.

  • Asherah: fertility goddess
  • Baal: god who win other gods. He brings rain to renew the earth’s fertility.

c)Struggle: can Yahweh promise fertility?


3)consequence: Cushan-Rishathaim

4)These remind us to REMEMBER and EXPERIENCE God’s works personally



1. Complexity of our living environment:

Message vs Quiet Time/border line in the marketplace/ illness & healing


2. Complexity of our living environment

Do you know what had God done for you?

Use the means of grace to remember God’s work and experience Him.

a) Holy Communion

b) Searching the Scriptures

c) Fasting & Prayer

d) Fellowship


B) We should grow up in OBEYing God’s word.

1)Othniel is the son of Kenaz. Tribe of Judah. He is Caleb’s nephew.

Judges 2:10         After that whole generation had been gathered to their ancestors, another generation grew up …”

Judges 1:12-13                   And Caleb said, “The one who attacks Kiriath-sepher and captures it, I will even give him my daughter Achsah for a wife.” Othniel the son of Kenaz … captured it; so he gave him his daughter Achsah for a wife.


2)The Spirit of the Lord came on him. He became Israel’s Judge.

  1. Spirit of Lord is holy. Jealous God.
  2. Minority people.
  3. His efforts bring a good return.


3)We learn to obey God’s word, intentionally. Discipline.



1. Determination and discipline to obey God’s words, even though we might be minority people.

2. We need spiritual partners to remind us. Join a cell group.


God Himself even “forgets” the wickedness committed by those whom He has forgiven.  That’s why it is never to late to clean up your life.

–James C. Dobson

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