• Weekly Activities


24th March 2019 Sunday Service

Speaker: Rev Pau Kiew Chung
Liturgist: Ting Su Hie
Holy Communion Assistant:
Praise: Ling Lee Tung
Pianist: Rachel Tang
LCD: Abel Lau
PA: Jia Ning
Urshers: Ellen Tan
Holy Communion:

Prayer Meeting 21 Mar @ 1H

Time: 8pm
Theme: Christian Literature
Leader: Ps Ting Hua Seng
Song leader/Backup: Ting Meng Hung
Musician: Sew Boon Lui

Prayer Walk 23rd March @6.30am

Please meet at Hui Sing Park.

Opportunity to Serve

We are currently looking for librarians, ushers, music ministry and photographers. If you would like to join us in these ministry, please fill in this form and the person in charge will contact you shortly.

Live an Abundant Life: Live in Victory
Rev. Pau Kiew Chung

Live an Abundant Life: Live in Harmony 1
Rev. Pau Kiew Chung